Amnon Ar'Kelos

The jaded Tiefling leader of the entourage.


An average-middle aged tiefling. If he had hair, it would probably be a little gray around the edges. Wears a brown robe with a hood on it most of the time, as shown in his portrait.


Amnon was born in Sigil, the City of Doors. There are many things to be said about Sigil, one of which is that it is somewhat of a melting pot socio-economically. He grew up with four friends. A Drow from the Blackthorn warrior family named Noldar, an Elf sorcerer named Malkiar, and a Human cleric named Sheo. They were pretty diverse as far as friends went, and that was because they didn’t have the same cultural setbacks most people have from growing up in Sigil and having gone to school together. Once they got out of school, they realize they wanted to make more of their lives than just live in the big city, so they opened one of the many Doors and made a new life for themselves. They lived in the mortal realm as simple adventurer’s for a good while, and it worked. But eventually they got more ambitious and wanted to travel more. Amnon took up the arcane art of Planeswalking, and they traveled between a safe series of portals between the moral world and Sigil for a while, before eventually traveling to the Feywild.

All was going well until they decided to try the Shadowfell. It was there the “Viators Aeternum” would meet their doom. Amnon hadn’t quite mastered planar travel at this point, and botched the job up. They landed square in the tomb of an ancient black dragon, who awoke as soon as the portal opened, and swiped Malkiar to pieces immediately. Sheo blinded it and the three of them fled for safety. Upon leaving the mausoleum, the party was swarmed upon by vicious undead. Noldar was brought down first before Sheo could turn them all. Amnon and Sheo almost made it to the gates of the cemetary before Sheo was ambushed by two Bodaks and in a brilliant flash of light consumed them as they used their death magic on him. Suddenly, Amnon was alone.

Amnon Ar'Kelos

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