Ovan, the Eternal

Ovan is an elan, a citizen of the Culture, a powerful psionic, and a member of the Culture’s Contact division.


Half-Elf, Ardent, Level 16 Talaric Strategist
Build: Enlightened Ardent
Ardent Mantle: Mantle of Clarity
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Orb)
Background: Early Life – Child Prodigy, Explorer/Guide, Defender of the Oppressed, Pivotal Event – Transformation, Recent Life – Teambuilding Exercise (Explorer/Guide Benefit)

Str 9, Con 17, Dex 11, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 22.

Str 8, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 16.

AC: 30 Fort: 27 Reflex: 24 Will: 31
HP: 110 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 27

Bluff +19, Insight +25, Nature +19, Diplomacy +21, History +15

Acrobatics +7, Arcana +10, Dungeoneering +12, Endurance +10, Heal +12, Intimidate +14, Perception +12, Religion +10, Stealth +7, Streetwise +14, Thievery +7, Athletics +6

Level 1: Elan Heritage [Elan Bloodline]
Level 2: Disciplined Talent
Level 4: Psionic Toughness [Augment]
Level 6: Linguist
Level 8: Traveler’s Insight
Level 10: Bolstering Mantle
Level 11: Versatile Master
Level 12: Paragon Defenses
Level 14: Action Recovery
Level 16: Predictive Defense
Feat User Choice: Durable
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise

Ardent at-will 1: Demoralizing Strike
Ardent at-will 1: Ire Strike
Dilettante: Sonnlinor’s Hammer
Disciplined Talent: Memory Hole
Power User Choice: Elan Resilience
Ardent daily 1: Battleborn Acuity
Ardent utility 2: Dimension Swap
Ardent at-will 3: Unnerving Shove
Ardent daily 5: Enlightening Pulse
Ardent utility 6: Thought Shield
Ardent at-will 7: Unhinging Strike (replaces Unnerving Shove)
Ardent daily 9: Feast of Despair
Ardent utility 10: Tower of Iron Will
Ardent at-will 13: Revelatory Strike (replaces Unhinging Strike)
Ardent daily 15: Unchecked Aggression (replaces Battleborn Acuity)
Ardent utility 16: Uncanny Awareness

Gloaming Crysteel Combat Vestments, Emergency Psionic Resevoir [Cybernetic Augment], Identification Papers with Portrait, Culture Travel Documents, Sven, Combat Drone, Psionic Focusing Gauntlet, Kinetic Adjustors [Cybernetic Augment], Mercurial Mind [Mental Augment], Culture Provisions, Linguistic Decryption Eyewear, Vitality Cincture [Cybernetic Augment], Psionic Destabilizers, Prototype Anti-Gravity Boots, Auto-Bestiary [Optical Augment], Survival Cloak


General: Early Life – Child Prodigy
Born Rasd-Coduresa Octavian Ovan Gaius da’ Marenhide, a half-elf of the Culture, Ovan was a member of a family typical to life in the Culture: every member was an educated, rational thinker, with high ethical standards and absolute belief that life as a part of the Culture was ideal. Amongst them, however, he was quickly acknowledged as being little bit faster at learning subjects, especially difficult languages. By his early teens, he had been given his first cybernetic augment, several years before one would traditionally request one (such that tradition applied to such a freethinking society). By his early adult years, he had been tapped to join Contact, to which he threw himself into fully.

In a society where everyone has exceptional intellectual capability and learning, are sociable, and posses balanced psyches, only organizations like Contact and, more specifically, Special Circumstances, can claim to have the elite of the cream of the crop working for them, and to be accepted into such an organization is a great honor.

Scales of War: Explorer/Guide
Early missions for Contact were simple. Typically, Ovan would act as a liaison between established societies and the Culture, slowly feeding them the information they needed to advance closer to the Culture’s level, but he also undertook missions of discovery and exploration on behalf of the Culture and certain underdeveloped planes. On rare occasions, he would transport ranking officials to meet with Culture Minds once their societies had Sublimed, a term used to denote a civilization that had advanced so far that they had removed themselves from the galactic stage. He was watched closely, like all Contact members, for how he interacted with members of other societies, his adaptability, and how creative he was. Largely, he left his commanding officers impressed, and before he was thirty, he was being vetted for a position in Special Circumstances, though he wasn’t aware of this fact at the time.

General: Defender of the Oppressed
After thirty years of dedicated service to Contact, he was eventually tapped to join the elite of the elite of the cream of the crop: Special Circumstances. Here, he was trained in developing a psionic talent he wasn’t aware he had, sculpting it into a powerful force. He’d always been receptive to people’s emotions, but with some cybernetic augmentations and highly specialized training, he was able to perfect the talent.

He chose to follow the Ardent school of thought for its spontaneous decision making, something quite out of the norm for Culture citizenry, but then added more formalized training that taught him to control and manipulate specific emotions in people, turning emotional impulsiveness into a tightly-controlled weapon, backed by rational thought. Once he was satisfied with his newfound capabilities, he put them to the test eagerly, taking missions that would send them to the furthest planes in the multiverse, discretely strengthening or weakening various factions in an underdeveloped civilization, generally to improve the situation of that society.

Occasionally, his missions would be aimed towards curtailing potential civilizations from becoming a threat to the Culture ideal, as well as destabilize any society that was actively threatening the Culture. Despite these often ‘dirty’ assignments, Ovan believed that such interventions were for the best, with the Culture could provide statistical proof that indeed most interventions were successful for their originating intent. Ovan would typically jump at assignments that were aimed to destabilize tyrannical institutions, believing in the Culture’s ideal of absolute freedom. He would regularly go beyond his duties on such missions, building camaraderie with insurgents and fermenting revolutions as though he were one of them. While an endearing trait that made him generally successful, the Minds would often frown (as a figure of speech) at what they considered irrational behavior.

General: Pivotal Event – Transformation
Due to the Culture’s advanced state, citizens tend to live hundreds of years before either allowing death to claim them or, more frequently, they change gender, species, or committed dozens of other physical manipulations, including various forms of rebirth. At seventy-three, he was hardly past his prime, but even with cybernetic augments, he always felt like he could be a little better, work a little harder and while his psionic power continued to grow, his body seemed to hold him back.

Apparently, the Minds had the same idea, and one the eve of Ovan’s seventy-first birthday, they brought him before the Cullers, a group of elan psions who control a potent ritual known as the rite of Awakening. The rite strips away imperfections of the body and mind by literally striping away the body until only the soul and spirit are left, wherein the body is remade. Over the next five years, his psionics were honed until he was deemed ready, and then he underwent the rite.

Overall, the rite was successful, save for a minor detail. When his body was redesigned to serve his psionic mind better, a process that would grant him telepathy and a body that never aged, there was a minor hitch in the body creation process, which left him looking like a twelve-year-old boy. For some reason, the Minds found it terribly amusing.

Now immortalized in his new body as an elan, his mind better shaped to utilize his psionic talent, he was taken aside by the Cullers and the Minds and explained to him the true intention behind Special Circumstances, as well as what his new form was to assist him with: combating the growing menace of the Far Realm. His missions had been in low-risk environments subtly touched by the Far Realm’s presence, but going forward, he would begin tackling planes with much deadlier, more obvious corruption.

General: Recent Life – Teambuilding Exercise
For the next four hundred and four years, he travelled between the Culture and hundreds of other planes, learning much, battling the Far Realm’s corruption at every turn, yet always acknowledging that there would always be another plane, always more corruption. Somewhere down the line, however, he decided that fighting alone on literally hundreds of fronts was rather pointless, so be began actively looking for capable allies, particularly those who were a bit lawless, mobile, and/or driven by either altruistic or monetary desire. That way, should they encounter the taint of the Far Realm, perhaps on a mercenary endeavor, it would be easy to make it an easy extension of the mission while he discreetly prepared them for their true mission.

While originally put-off at his new appearance, he’s found ways to take advantage of it, allowing him to slip into organizations and provide better support, rather than leadership, for those groups, being able to use more discretion in his Culture activities. Such was the case when, during his downtime from a mission, he ran across a tiefling named Amnon, a pilot and planar adventurer.

The tiefling was looking for recruits who were interested in traveling the planes for high-adventure. Given Ovan’s current job, the opportunity to do the Culture’s work as a freelance agent was too appealing to pass up, and with a more suitable cover story for his actions, he could act a little more openly. Given the Culture’s emphasis on choice for sentient species, his decision would hardly be scrutinized.

Approaching Amnon was tricky, as the tiefling was looking for experienced help, which Ovan’s young appearance didn’t exactly lend much credit. However, once he was able to start up a conversation and spin a tale about being a top graduate from the White Lotus Academy (emphasizing what a gifted student he was, to graduate so young, leaning heavily on his skill at telling straight-faced bluffs diplomatically), he convinced Amnon that he was good for his word. While the tiefling was skeptical at first, but eventually a few adventures would prove that Ovan was good to his word as a strategist and combatant.

In the meanwhile, they began travelling around from there, looking for more allies to build the team, Ovan secretly keeping in contact with the Culture about his intentions and activities. If nothing else, he was going to have a lot of fun with this plan.

Ovan, the Eternal

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