Ao Aeternum

Amnon's Journal, Entry 2,031

It doesn’t have a name, whatever this group of adventurers I’ve put together again is. What is it, the third time I’ve done this? Belial! I know how many times it’s been. Too many. And it’s not getting a name this time. Noldar gave us a name the first time, brought us all together. It’s what almost got us all killed, all except me. And then it happened again. But I won’t let happen again this time. I can’t make it on my own in this word, not anymore. Sheo always taught me you need people to get by in life. He was right about just about everything, I just wish he was here for me to tell him that. I always gave him garbage for worshiping some God, I was just jealous because I was so alone. But I’m not alone now, even if I have to remain distant with the newcomers. There’s four of them now. Some up-and-coming Psionic, an eager-to-please Blood-brother with a dark edge, some recluse Wizard, and finally the Quiet one. Interesting cast of characters this time around, at least they get along unlike last time. I’ve learned something over the years, your brothers-in-arms can’t be too buddy-buddy, but they can’t be at each others’ throats either. That’s what got the last group killed, almost killed me too. I was lucky to get out of that tower alive. But I digress. I’m getting older now, so luckily whether I get involved emotionally with these people doesn’t matter, I stay away from the combat myself. Now-a days I just give the orders.

As of now I’ve given orders for the team to go fetch an ancient spellbook that once belonged to a Githyanki planeshifter, it’s supposed to have some lucrative information on planar travel. I have enough money saved up to pay them as this job is, well maybe not personal, but I want that book for myself. Not that they know that, but it shouldn’t matter to them, they are getting paid.

Anyway so about that spellbook. Luckily few know what secrets that book holds, or else it would probably be more protected. As of now it’s in the Underdark, inside the ruins of an old Drow outpost, so there shouldn’t be much resistance. They should be back within a few hou

So apparently there is some resistance, I will write back shortly.



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