Hearth Lightmagic


Hearth Lightmagic

.:General Information:.

Name: Hearth Lightmagic (of the Old Florida Lightmagics)
Level: 16
Race: Tiefling
Class: Swordmage
Paragon Path: Master of Flame
Swordmage Aegis: Aegis of Shielding
Background: Nelanther Isles, Birth – Among Another Race (Eladrin), Athlete (Nelanther Isles Benefit)

.:Ability Scores/Defenses/Hit Points:.

Strength: 12
Constitution: 18
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 22
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 12

Armor Class: 32
Fortitude: 25
Reflex: 29
Will: 25

Max Hit Points: 123
Healing Surges: 14
Healing Surge Value: 30


Trained Skills: Arcana +19, Endurance +17, Intimidate +14, Athletics +15, Nature +15.

Untrained Skills: Acrobatics +11, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +9, Dungeoneering +10, Heal +10, History +14, Insight +10, Perception +12, Religion +14, Stealth +12, Streetwise +9, Thievery +10.


Learned Spellcaster: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Learned Spellcaster
Level 2: Diabolic Soul
Level 4: Hellfire Blood
Level 6: Turathi Weapon Training
Level 8: Destructive Wizardry
Level 10: Intelligent Blademaster
Level 11: Arcane Admixture I – Fire (Sword Burst)
Level 12: Arcane Admixture II – Thunder (Sword Burst)
Level 14: Resounding Thunder
Level 16: Arcane Admixture III – Lightning (Sword Burst)
Feat User Choice: Durable
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade) (Light Blade)


Swordmage at-will 1: Sword Burst
Swordmage at-will 1: Lightning Lure
Swordmage encounter 1: Flame Cyclone
Swordmage daily 1: Dimensional Thunder
Swordmage utility 2: Bounding Leap
Swordmage encounter 3: Incendiary Sword
Swordmage daily 5: Elemental Foible
Swordmage utility 6: Armathor’s Step
Swordmage encounter 7: Thunderclap Strike
Swordmage daily 9: Leaping Flames
Swordmage utility 10: Like a Feather
Swordmage encounter 13: Seed of Fire (replaces Flame Cyclone)
Swordmage daily 15: Inferno’s Sword (replaces Dimensional Thunder)
Swordmage utility 16: Ironskin


Body: Snakeskin Armor
Main Hand: Goldbrand (Weapon of Summer +3)
Head: Cannith Goggles
Neck: Raven Cloak +2
Arms: Bracelet of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier)
Hands: Gloves of Eldritch Admixture (heroic tier)
Ring: Ring of Radiant Storm (paragon tier)
Feat: Boots of Bounding (heroic tier)
Other Items: Soul of Goldbrand (Khyber Shard of the Fiery Depth), Identification Papers with Portrait, Climber’s Kit, Adventurer’s Kit, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Sunrod (8), Thieves’ Tools, Trail Rations (10).


Creation: Disenchant Magic Item, Enchant Magic Item, Secure Shelter, Time Ravager.
Divination: Last Sight Vision.
Exploration: Water Breathing, Affect Normal Fire, Endure Elements, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Passwall, Phantom Steed.
Travel: Solace Bole.
Warding: Arcane Lock.


Hearth Lightmagic

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